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How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

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Our SEO pricing model is based on our client’s business needs. Every small business is different from one another, so as their needs and goals for SEO. Because of this reason, we offer customized SEO pricing specifically to meet our client’s business goals and budget. Pre-packaged pricing doesn’t take these needs and differences into account. SEO PR Rocket Consulting will put your business goals, website ranking, target location, and other important SEO factors before sending you a quote. 

Here at SEO PR Rocket Consulting, LLC our mission is to help Small Businesses Owners gain exposure thus increase their ROI – (Return on Investment). 

The cost of an SEO Campaigns is based on over 250+ verified factors in play within Google’s search algorithm. Here are some of the facts that determined pricing below.


Local SEO Factors

* Your Market Size
* Your Market Competitiveness
* Number of Competitors
* Current Website Status
* Quality of Backlinks & Content
* Google My Business Page

Local Competitors

* Local Competitors
* Target Market Size
* Business Proximity
* Competitor Domain Authority
* Competitors Backlinks
* Competitors Reviews

Website Strengthen

* Website Authority/Page Rank
* Link and Content Quality
* Age and Status of Websites
* Competitors Traffic Volume
* Competitors Social Signals
* Website Market Relevance

Onsite Optimization

* Tags, Meta, Header & Content.
* Onsite Content
* Content Relevancy
* Website Pagespeed
* Mobile Responsiveness
* Alt Tags, Images, & Sitemap

Offsite Optimization

* Existing Link Profile
* Existing Referring Domains
* Anchor Text Distribution
* Google Penalties
* Google Indexing & Crawl
* Google Console & Analytics

Nationwide SEO

* Franchise Locations
* Expanding Locations
* National Competition
* Google Indexing
* E-commerce Factors
* Multi GMB Management

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