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Lima France is one of the leading deboners manufacturers in France, The owner contacted us regarding search engine optimization to increase sales, customer acquisition, and improving their website traffic.

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When this company initially contacted SEO PR Rocket Consulting, LLC  they were very frustrated with their rankings. Needless to say, they were very skeptical and on guard. They had specific questions and goals to be achieved. Their ultimate goal was to beat out their competition by increasing search engine rankings, which would translate into increased sales through their ecommerce website. Lima France also had specific categories which were important to improve their rankings, including "deboner", "bone separator, and "pork rink separator". A secondary goal was to increase their knowledge about SEO Best Practices and create a workflow for all new content, so that it would be well optimized.


Lima France Expressed to us that they had a capable development team, but they were not well versed in SEO best practices or strategy. After several conversations, we mutually decided that the fastest way to complete the optimization and provide the necessary knowledge transfer would be through a series of onsite consulting sessions. These consulting sessions included building “Best Practices” for site content, making recommendations on site architecture, and code review of the content management system.


The client was ecstatic with the organic results.

We were able to beat out two of their main competitors on most high-value keywords and achieve high rankings for most of the top deboners related keywords.

Lima France's revenue stream has increased tremendously, in return, increasing optimization campaign budgets. 

From the client

We started with SEO PR Rocket Consulting, LLC about 8 months ago. Within 6 months we were on the 1st page of Google with the three top search phrases that we asked for. I can’t say enough about it. It’s got our pay per click down immensely, so you can fill in the blank for what it’s doing for our sales.

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